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Ben Bradshaw MP
The official site of Ben Bradshaw, MP for Exeter

Business Rates Revaluation 2005
There is a very clear explanation of the whole process on this site and further clarification can be obtained from the help desk on 0845 602 1507. This is manned by professionals who are trained in all aspects of revaluation. Qualified valuers will be able, within 7 days, to respond to any questions relating to the value of the premises. This is a government sponsored web site which provides information on how rateable values are used to calculate rate bills. It also provides details of various exemptions and reliefs. Do not confuse with the similar address ending in ".com". The local authority actually sends out the bills and will also be prepared to assist with queries on their calculation.

Other sites which might be useful in connection with the revaluation are given below: This is the Valuation Office Agency Web site. It sets out the rateable values on all non-domestic properties and provides details of the method of valuation for the majority of properties. The Valuation Office can be contacted by telephone on 01392 606900. The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors Tel - 0870 333 1600. The Institute of Revenues, Rating and Valuation Tel - 020 7831 3505.

Data Protection
If you are concerned about any approach by phone, fax or letter by firms offering to register you for data protection, check them out at this site

Exeter Business Directory
An on-line business directory with maps of local areas, calendar based local information and events, local business success stories, news and jobs.

Life in Devon
Devon County Council's latest site containing over 1 million facts and figures, indicators and trends on virtually every aspect of the county's economic, environmental and social condition. The reason why this site is special is that it brings together data from a wide range of organisations for the first time. Partners include the local authorities, police, health authorities, the national parks and Business Link, with the site compilation and design carried out by Devon County Council. From employment data to pollution levels and from health information to population statistics, a million facts are available on Life in Devon!

Devon Brand
Useful information and images relating to Devon

Devon County Council
This site provides information on the services provided by Devon County Council along with general information about Devon, its facilities and attractions.

Devon County Council Facts & Figures
A host of information ranging from demographic, economic and social trends to tourism and transportation.

Devon County Council Economy & Regeneration
A new site providing a wealth of information on issues such as grants, business planning and marketing. Aimed at private sector enquiries for both inward investment and business support

Devon County Council Tourist Information
Plenty of information, mainly for the visitor, but lots of interesting ideas which many of the locals may have missed

East Devon New Community
A lot of information covering the outline planning application for the new community is available on this site but for more information from the East Devon Community Partners, contact Jo Hawkins

This is Exeter
The site run by Exeter's weekly newspaper, the Express & Echo, giving a variety of information from its pages

Exeter City Council
Plenty of information covering all aspects of Exeter both for residents and visitors, business or pleasure

Exeter City Council - Economic Trends Report
This report will be updated quarterly and contains plenty of useful information

Exeter City Council - Business Relocation Service
For information on and assistance with moving your business to Exeter.

Exeter and the Heart of Devon Commercial Property Register
Information on available business property in the area.

Exeter International Airport
All you need to know about Exeter's airport including flight details, facilities and regularly updated news features.

Exeter Shopping
Information the Exeter Experience, featuring special offers, events and details on workshops that the City's wide range of retailers are offering.

Exeter University
The extensive University site covering information on courses, research, accommodation etc.

Exeter University - Innovation Centre - Business Projects Office
This site gives details of ways in which undergraduates/graduates can help your business on any project work you may have. Periods can vary from four weeks to two years according to your requirements

Heart of Devon
The official Area Tourism Partnership website for the Heart of Devon, with information on visiting, accommodation, attractions, events and travel in Exeter, Mid Devon,  East Devon and parts of Teignbridge and Dartmoor.

Highways Agency
Planning a journey? - visit the Highways Agency site for information on current traffic conditions and incidents on the trunk road and motorway network. There is also an information line on 0300 123 5000.

Further information is available at or by telephone on 08700 660 115 24 hrs a day.

South West Tourism
Here you will find information about the region, accommodation, places to visit, travel information and much more.

The South West England Gateway
A collection of information and links providing a guide to business and leisure in South West England.
A joint venture between Western Power Distribution (formerly South Western Electricity plc) and the South West Regional Development Agency, the site offers a wide range of information for businesses; investors; visitors and residents. Sections include Business; financial assistance; education and training; transport; the region; facts and figures; government; property and leisure, as well as Inward Investment and Regeneration information via the RDA's own site.

Top 100 companies based on numbers employed - Exeter

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