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Telecoms staff protect themselves against flu with a “win-win” immunisation programme
Posted on: October 24th 2013
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South West Communications Group staff have been invited to take part in a company-wide immunisation programme to protect themselves against the flu virus this winter.

The telecommunications firm first offered its staff free flu jabs last year in an effort to keep sick days at a minimum during the colder months.

Managing director Harry Langley said: “We saw a significant fall in sick days taken due to cold and flu last winter and so it makes economic sense for us invest in this company-wide immunisation programme again to try to keep as many members of staff as healthy as possible during the winter.”

South West Communications Group experienced a 59% drop in sick days compared to the previous winter.

Mr Langley added: “Like all businesses, we want to avoid the effect lengthy absences could have on our project deployments and our customer service. We don’t want to let our customers down or put stress on other members of staff who have to step in to fulfil their duties. Healthy staff tend to be happier too, so it’s a win-win situation for us. ”

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