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Surpassing all your Business Goals in 2017
Posted on: January 10th 2017
Section: Member news

We can all improve our business performance, but left to our own devices, behavioural change can be hard. This means ourselves and our workforce need to better understand change in these agile business times and the human response to change makes change easier.

Have you ever noticed behaviours and habits in yourself that you’d like to change, but you find you still have those habits, despite every good intention:

  • Want to live healthier, but been unable to do so?
  • Decided to improve your fitness, only to give up after first few gym sessions?
  • Wanted to procrastinate less and do more—but starting from tomorrow?
  • Want to be a more organised, calm and less stressed leader?


Most of us have a list of things we’d like to change—behaviours that resist both ours and our teams best attempts at change.

The problem is not a lack of desire to change, it’s the gap between wanting to and being able to change can be a major leap.

This session will enable attendees to:

  • Understand why behavioural change is hard
  • Consider what we can do about it
  • Learn how to lead it organisationally
  • Develop techniques to bridge the gap to successful change
  • Develop understanding on how to inspire and guide yourself and employees through change


To book please use the following link:


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