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Exeter arrives on UK Smart Cities Index
Posted on: December 21st 2017
Section: Member news

Exeter has arrived on the UK Smart Cities Index at number 20. 


Bristol and London retain the Leader positions in the new assessment. Both cities are building on their exisiting programs and working hard to embed innovation across city operations, infrastructure and service delivery. However, Bristol has edged ahead to take the top position, largely because of the strong momentum it has shown over the last 12 months. 


While Bristol and London retain the Leader positions, the Contender cities are also making significant progress, creating a strong cadre of UK cities that are putting digital innovation at the heart of urban development. The diversity of approaches among these cities is also producing a wealth of insights on both organisational and technological innovation.


Other cities assessed including Exeter, are at an earlier stage in their smart city journey, but are establishing their strategies and building on initial projects and initiatives. These cities have great potential to accelerate their programmes during the next 12 months. 


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