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Road Safety Week: How well do you know the Highway Code?
Posted on: November 29th 2019
Section: Member news

Road safety is always important – for motorists, pedestrians, and cyclists alike. Cyclists are especially vulnerable on the roads, and this is becoming a bigger issue as their numbers continue to increase. In the UK, for example, the numbers of bikes on the road have skyrocketed by almost 30% since 1997. 

So if you’re a cyclist, how do you stay safe on the roads? And if you’re a motorist, how do you ensure that you are driving as safely as possible for those using two wheels instead of four? By following the Highway Code, of course!

We may all take it for granted, but it’s important that our knowledge of the Highway Code is as detailed as possible. Luckily for us, The Bike Storage Company have created a quick, engaging quiz that makes it easy for us to find out exactly how much we know – or don’t know – about the Highway Code. Here are some results from those who have taken the quiz already:


  • 55% of people correctly answered that cyclists should signal their intentions to other road users when exiting a cycle lane.
  • 40% of people correctly answered that you should only flash your headlights at someone if you need to let them know you’re there.
  • 60% of people incorrectly thought that it was legal to cycle on pavements (it’s actually only legal in specific circumstances).

As you can see, the Highway Code is more complicated than many people realise. Why not give the quiz a go yourself?

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