Information on choosing your subscription category


The level of subscription for any organisation is based on the number of employees of that organisation. For large businesses the 'member organisation' may range from a locally-based group of companies to a branch or department of a national or regional company. Membership will enable any employee(s) or proprietor(s) of the 'member organisation' to attend Chamber meetings and utilise the facilities of the Chamber.

When calculating the number of employees to determine the subscription band, all full-time directors, employees, proprietors and partners should be included. Part-time individuals should also be included as 'equivalent number' based on standard weekly hours for full-time employees, e.g. five or six part-time employees each working one day a week is equivalent to one full-time employee.

The subscription band is based on numbers at the date of application for membership.

The member subscription year runs from 1st April therefore members joining after this date will pay a pro-rata proportion.


Renewal date

Subscription renewals are due on 1st April and if they remain unpaid after two months from this renewal date, the member will be removed from the register.


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