Find out what businesses have to say about Exeter Chamber and how their membership supports their business. 



 Jacqui Cousins, Belvedere HR

“I have been a member of Exeter Chamber for just over a year now and it's proven to be an essential part of my business development. Not only for the numerous contacts I have made, but for the learning and experience sharing which is vital for a growing business. I particularly enjoy the networking meetings and also the Weekly Round up of business news keeps me in touch with what is going on in the city.” 

Hannah Overton, Princesshay

“Exeter Chamber of Commerce has provided us with the opportunity to meet, network, collaborate and do business with a number of businesses across the city. In particular we have grown sales and exposure of our corporate gift card offer.

The Chamber has also lobbied in support of important projects that positively affect our organisation and ultimately increase the commercial prosperity of Exeter. We view Exeter Chamber of Commerce as a key and influential stakeholder of our business.”

Alex Wren, Bitpod

"Joining the Exeter Chamber has not only helped our business grow but has also been instrumental in establishing ourselves in the local business community. Monthly events offer a chance to meet potential clients and suppliers as well as providing a great way to find out what is happening in the local economy.

Recently Bitpod has become a sponsor for the ExIST subgroup which has provided valuable opportunities for additional exposure. If you are looking to expand your business opportunities through networking, the Exeter Chamber is fantastic value.”



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